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  • Balconies and roof terraces
  • Low maintenance gardens
  • Interior design
  • Swimming pools
  • Shop displays
  • Playgrounds
  • Vehicle decoration
  • Pets and children
Up to 10-Year guarantee


Welcome to Ideal Grass, manufacturers of cutting edge artificial grass in London. Our ultra-natural looking grass is suitable for a wide range of uses from hard-wearing everyday usage, to decorative styles.

Artificial lawns at Ideal prices

At Ideal Grass we source direct from the manufacturer, with no middle-men, and no extras such as inflated installation costs, making artificial grass affordable for you. Our large warehouse is always well stocked with our full range of grasses and we can direct you to your preferred installers who will offer you a great service.

You might be looking for the right artificial grass to decorate your shop display or vehicle, or you may be a parent looking for a grass that is low-maintenance and capable of withstanding even the messiest children and pets. Whether you’re a family looking for a tough yet beautiful alternative to a grass lawn, or a professional gardener, landscaper, designer or developer: Ideal has the ideal artificial grass for you.

All our grasses are UV-stabilised so they will never fade in the sun, no matter how much exposure they get. They are also the environmentally friendly option - requiring no pesticides or fertilisers, emitting no harmful odours and always allowing natural water flow. 

Quite simply we offer the best quality artificial grass in London. Contact us today to order direct from our warehouse. Whatever your needs, we will be able to provide you with the Ideal solution.