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3 Ideas for Using Artificial Grass in Playgrounds this Summer

Keeping the kids entertained over the summer holidays can prove a perilous task, especially if you’re balancing childcare with work and really just want to put your feet up. The garden is a great way to encourage the kids to let off some steam - hopefully tiring them out ready for bed - but you have to ensure the environment is safe and inviting enough for them to play.

If you haven’t got any turf in your garden - real or otherwise - and instead your garden is covered in concrete or tiles, you won’t really want young children running riot lest they fall and hurt themselves. This is where artificial grass comes in, creating a transformed playing area for the little ones.

There are a number of ways in which you can use artificial grass in playgrounds, so we’re going to give you some inspiration with our latest ideas here at Ideal Grass. Mixing it up and making the garden a consistently exciting place is important when it comes to keeping the attention of your kids.

1.    Pool Area

The ultimate way to get your kids active and hanging out in the garden would be to install a pool area to cool off in during our rare sunny summer days. To ensure their safety and maintain an appealingly green appearance within your garden space, you can line the pool space with artificial grass.

This is cleaner than having tiles or slate - which can get muddy with the involvement of water - meaning that you won’t get soggy footprints running through the house once the fun is all over. The texture of the artificial grass in your playground area will help to dry off the feet.

 2.    Crazy Golf Area

If you’ve got a budding golf lover in the family and a big garden to boot, it might be a fun idea to consider building up a crazy golf or mini golf course. To do this well, you may require the help of a landscape gardener or even a designer/architect, so be aware that it might prove a little costly. However, with our highly affordable artificial grass for playgrounds, Ideal Grass will help you get off to a good start!

With some research and careful planning, you can have the kids putting around the garden before you know it - creating hours of fun no matter what age they are - even the parents will want to get involved.

3.    Playground Area

Making sure your child’s playground area is updated, safe and interesting at all times can be a tricky job, but with the installation of a playground area made of artificial grass, you can let them get up to all kinds of mischief without the stress of them potentially falling and hurting themselves on harder surfaces.

Contact us today here at Ideal Grass to discuss your plans for using artificial grass in playgrounds for your home, or commercial setting. Our team will be happy to help you work out the best layout and turf type for your particular needs and tastes.