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4 Ways to Use Artificial Grass for Shop Displays

If you’re looking for a striking way to bring the outdoors indoors when it comes to your shop’s display, utilising artificial grass is a great way to begin. Unique and eye-catching, the material can be used across a multitude of industries – whether horticultural or not – and, with an inexpensive price tag, proves a no-brainer for many forward-thinking visual merchandising teams.

Here at Ideal Grass, we have been providing artificial grass solutions for a wide range of customers for many years, so we thought we’d impart some inspiration on you with today’s blog post on artificial grass for shop displays:

Garden Centre

If you’re working in the visual merchandising department of a garden centre, you’re naturally going to want to incorporate a large element of grass and nature-related pieces into your displays. Given that it’s a garden centre, there’s already going to be a lot of time dedicated to watering plants and ensuring their thriving; using artificial grass within your displays will save you time and create an effective finish.


Whether you’re a silk flower florist, or you work with cut flowers, you can create a beautiful display of your creations with a backdrop of artificial grass – especially in the spring or summer months – but also when you’re advertising wedding flowers for the coming seasons, making it great year-round.

If you can’t display your fresh flower arrangements as they need to be created to order and will perish too quickly, you could always lie fresh cut flowers on patches of artificial grass in the windows and replace as required. With artificial or silk flowers, you can use your artificial grass for shop displays in a wide variety of ways.

Retail (Fashion)

Even if it’s terrible weather outside, fashion brands work slightly ahead with their season drops, meaning you can present spring/summer lines before other retail shops would. Artificial grass is particularly effective when advertising festival wear – why not try standing your mannequins over patches of artificial grass?

You can also reuse your artificial grass to stay in-keeping with the changing seasons – especially when it comes to Halloween and Christmas – as you can decorate the grass with wash-off paints and cobwebs.

Retail (Seasonal)

There are endless ways in which you can display your products with the assistance of artificial grass when it comes to the changing seasons. Similarly to festival wear in fashion retail, food suppliers can advertise their picnic offerings and summer BBQ displays with the assistance of affordable artificial grass.

Outdoor stores who deal with tents and camping equipment can use artificial grass to show the latest product drop, allowing you to create a mini set-up of a campsite within the store itself. It’s all about getting creative with your use of artificial grass.

Contact us today here at Ideal Grass to discover how we can assist you with the enlivening of your store by using artificial grass. Our team will be on hand to recommend the best types and sizes for your particular requirements, simply get in touch by either email or picking up the phone!