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5 More Pros to Using Artificial Grass over Real Grass

There is an enormous diversity to the effects you can achieve with grass, thanks to its simplicity and flexibility. Yet while a real patch of grass may be able to give you a pleasant lawn or a wonderful wall decoration, it might be the case that an artificial patch of grass can do the job even better. Here at Ideal Grass we firmly believe in the power of our artificial grass to better real grass in certain scenarios.

We previously blogged about several advantages that we think artificial grass has over the real thing. However, there are many more than the ones we can cover in this blog! Just in case you’re wondering, here are a few more reasons why you should make the switch to artificial grass.

Less expensive

Tending to any living plant such as real grass requires constant attention. It can be expensive to hire someone to mow the lawn, or to buy the materials to keep your grass healthy such as fertilisers and pesticides. Artificial grass doesn’t have this problem, and because it can be sourced directly from the manufacturer having it installed is cheaper than you might think.

Low maintenance

Not only will artificial grass save you quite a bit of money but it will save you a lot of time too. With an artificial lawn in your garden, there’s no need to worry about looking into the back garden one morning and discovering that it’s a jungle you’ll have to spend the afternoon taming. Instead you can leave it be, safe in the knowledge that it will be just as ready for action as the last time you used it.  


If you’re looking to build the perfect playground in your garden for your children, you might be concerned that it will gradually become an unsanitary place for them to play. Unlike real grass, artificial grass will not be prone to getting muddy when it’s wet, and is unlikely to be a breeding ground for bugs and other nasties. For that reason, you can let your child play outside in safety!


Another benefit of artificial grass when it comes to covering your playground is that it will be able to handle any rough and tumble, making it even more ideal. You’ll never step outside to see your pet digging holes in your lawn or child pulling up clumps of grass! With all our grasses having at least a three year warranty, your artificial grass will give your family years of enjoyment.

Endless possibilities!

While we’ve focused on gardens and playgrounds in this blog, artificial grass’ bespoke nature means you really can find the right grass for anything. Whether you want to bring some originality to your interior design or add some colour to your shop front, it’s up to you.

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