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Artificial Grass for Balconies

With the constant rise of house prices and the increase of population levels in the UK at the moment, the number of people living in apartment blocks and flats is naturally on the up, too. In these buildings, it’s rare to find a garden – especially not an individual one – making the balcony attached to the flat or apartment your own little sanctuary.

Without a garden, you’re not going to have any grass – right? Whilst we don’t recommend laying real turf all over your balcony – a sure-fire messy waste of time and effort – the introduction of artificial grass can be a great way to emulate the plush green that you would expect from a normal garden.

Whether you want to cover the whole floor space of your balcony with artificial turf, or cover some of the ledges to create the illusion of a growing grassy area, it’s all about getting creative with your individual space. Even the smallest rectangle of synthetic grass can create a more rural feel in the big city.

If you’re curious about implementing artificial grass into your balcony space, but find yourself unsure as to how you should proceed, contact us at Ideal Grass today. One of our friendly advisors will be on hand to set you up with the perfect designs to bring that bit of outside into your inside-outside space on the balcony.

A quick research into artificial grass for balcony use will bring up some great ideas if you’re struggling!