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Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Parents will love for you implementing artificial grass into the local playground area, removing the hassle of muddy knees or worse! Here at Ideal Grass we understand that there is a plethora of benefits to be found from fitting artificial grass in a playground area.

One of the lesser known benefits of using artificial turf is the lessened effects of hay fever in your children, who just want to play out at the local playground without having to return home with streaming eyes, or a runny nose. Cut down on those antihistamines with the use of artificial grass.

An artificial grass playground will also retain its aesthetic appeal for longer than its authentic counterpart, as it’s much harder to damage synthetic materials than delicate grass and marshy mud. There’s a reason why this stuff is used for football pitches!

With this lack of damage comes a decrease in the necessary upkeep of the area, as you won’t need to restore, mow or strim the grass at regular intervals – which will allow for consistent playtime for the kids. The costs saved from not having to use a gardener are also a plus when it comes to using artificial grass.

Not sure how to proceed with the creation of your artificial grass playground – whether on a domestic or public level – and need some guidance on costing and sizes? Our friendly advisors are on hand to answer any of your questions, offer design advice and quotes for your particular requirements, contact us today!