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Artificial Grass for Shop Displays

Whether you own a florist, a gardening store, or just have a fondness for all things green, decorating your shop display with artificial grass can make your establishment into an aesthetically-pleasing talking point in no time, on a budget.

By displaying fake grass in shop windows, you can draw customers in with a beautiful display – perhaps adding fake flowers and foliage to truly create a botanical feel – which will convey your business as one that is serious about delighting its customer base.

Fashion brands may also utilise artificial grass in their shop window displays to reflect the seasonal change that comes with spring or summer. By creating a sense of realism around the clothing, the customer will be more inclined to imagine the garments as part of their everyday life during that season.

However, don’t think that artificial grass in shop windows is only for the sunnier seasons: you can use it all year round by, for example, spraying the fake grass with artificial snow to create a Christmas display. Halloween displays can be achieved with wash out black spray and cobwebs – it’s simply a question of getting creative throughout the seasons.

Wondering how to implement artificial grass into your shop display window? Not sure how much you’re going to need to fill the space you have available? Contact us today at Ideal Grass and one of our friendly advisors will be on hand to answer all your questions – having you drawing in new customers in no time.