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Artificial Grass for Vehicle Decoration

If you’re one for thinking outside the box, decorating your car with artificial grass might be right up your street. Whether it’s for domestic or commercial use, adorning your car in the green stuff is definitely going to make it a focal point around your town – making it a brilliant option for advertising.

If you own a floristry business, or something related to agriculture or plants, covering your car in artificial grass is naturally going to firstly, attract the attention of potential customers, then outline the nature of your company. Whether it’s products or services, it will promptly become clear what it is you have to offer.

Being a talking point around your town will also add to the word of mouth element of your business, meaning that more people will be talking about your services and products – which is always a good thing, and may lead to better reviews and more customers.

Even on a domestic level, there’s little quirkier than covering your car in artificial grass – show your love for all things green wherever you are. The artificial grass can actually be used on the outside or inside of your car, all depending on your personal preferences, or even both!

To discover what amazing creations we can conjure up here at Ideal Grass, contact us today and one of our specialist advisors will be on hand to discuss your requirements. With decades in the industry, we have a plethora of experiences to draw upon – and we’re always keen to help you be unique!