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Artificial Grass around Swimming Pools

Say goodbye to cold feet on the paving slabs - along with the muddy toes that often come hand-in-hand with such surfaces – by laying an artificial grass surround around the area. With the plush feel of grass next to the smooth waters of the pool, you’ll be thinking you’re in Costa del Sol, not Coventry.

Having real grass right next to a poolside would just result in a muddy mess and a lot of ongoing maintenance, making the fake stuff a perfect alternative. No more mowing near dangerous wet surfaces, and more time for lounging around at the side of the pool.

Installing artificial grass around swimming pools is a far safer material than simply concrete, given the lessened impact if somebody was unfortunate enough to slip over in a wet patch. The synthetic grass is a tad more grippy than either its real counterpart, or the traditional tile or concrete slab, too.

Another perk of artificial grass is that it won’t be warped or manipulated by garden or poolside furniture – where normal grass would end up pocked with holes and discolouration – artificial grass is adept at bouncing back from prolonged impact.

Here at Ideal Grass, we have been providing artificial grass around swimming pools for years, with it proving an incredibly popular option over time. Not sure how to get started with the installation of artificial grass around your poolside? Contact us today and we can help you discover the perfect set-up for your personal requirements.