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Why You Should Use Artificial Grass for Your Play Area

One of the greatest joys a parent can have is seeing their children playing outside happily in the sunshine. While a few decades ago, it was more common to see kids out in the street, nowadays there are few better places for children to play than from the safety of a play area. Here at Ideal Grass, we aim to help kids have fun with our artificial grass, which is ideal for fitting in a play area.

There are many reasons why schools, nurseries and parents might want to invest in artificial grass for their children’s play area. Here are a few of the reasons why we think our grass is perfect for providing a space to have fun!


Rightly, the biggest concern for any parent or child-minder about any play area is that it is safe for their child to use. Safety isn’t a concern for artificial grass – as it is resistant to water and requires no maintenance with pesticides or fertilisers unlike real grass, there is absolutely no risk of children slipping or being exposed to dangerous chemicals, meaning that you can have peace of mind.


Hay fever is the bane of any child during the summer months, particularly when they just want to tumble around with their friends. Another benefit of artificial grass is that it is completely non-allergenic, so your child can play out without having to return home with streaming eyes and a stuffed-up nose.

Prettier, longer

A play area made of artificial grass will keep its visual appeal for much longer than regular grass, as its synthetic materials are UV-protected and more impervious to damage. Our heavier traffic grasses are guaranteed to last for at least ten years, so you can be sure that if you choose artificial grass for your play area it will have no problem staying fit for its purpose.

Low maintenance

One of the biggest frustrations posed by regular grass is upkeep, particularly if it sees heavy use and sustains damage as a result. Artificial grass’ lack of growth and resistance to wear and tear means that you can spend less time and money restoring or mowing it, enabling your kids to keep playing for longer.


Finally, artificial grass is often more flexible than its living counterpart, allowing for variations that are suitable for different environments. For example, our Palace grass is a super soft, lush grass is ideal for play areas and baby zones, while our Pendennis grass’ springback action and latex backing makes it better for rough-and-tumble environments. Whether you’re seeking a grass for a busy playground or a quiet garden, the right artificial grass is definitely available.

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