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5 Pros to Using Artificial Grass over Real Grass

Grass is one of the most universal plants there is, making it the first choice for an enormous variety of applications. However, there are occasions when a real section of grass might not be so efficient at doing the job that you want. That’s why here at Ideal Grass, we specialise in offering exquisite artificial grass capable of matching or even beating the performance of real grass.

There are many reasons why real grass might not be the best solution when it comes to situations when grass is needed or wanted. Here are just five clear advantages we think artificial grass has over the real thing.

Environmentally friendly

Contrary to what one might expect, artificial grass is often a more environmentally friendly option than real grass. Because it is living, real grass can be waterlogged and become muddy and unsanitary. It also may need to be fed with chemicals, which are potentially harmful to humans and the environment. Artificial grass does not have these problems, yet doesn’t inhabit natural water flow, making it the ideal solution.

Visually stunning

Most artificial grasses are designed to look ultra-natural looking with an appearance that could easily be mistaken for real grass. This is due to its fibres being made up of numerous impressive colour textures. What’s more, our artificial grass is UV-protected so there is no risk of its colour fading with sun exposure or age, unlike true grass which can easily dry out over a weekend.


Perhaps the greatest advantage of artificial grasses over real grass are that they are specifically designed to be long-lasting and damage-resistant. No matter whether you have a rebellious pet or over-eager kids, artificial grass will stand the test, making it the ideal grass for dogs and children. Our grasses are designed to last at least three years, while our heavier duty grasses are capable of offering good service for over a decade.

No need to maintain

Mowing the lawn is never high on the list of anyone’s priorities, and yet seeing someone’s garden overgrown with grass and weeds is a depressing sight. Because artificial grass will never grow out of control, you can spend less time on trying to keep on top of your grass and more time actually enjoying it. 


The genius of artificial grass is that it is just as if not more versatile than real grass in how it can be used because its textures can be tailor-made for different purposes. You can use it as a decoration for a vehicle, on a balcony or roof terrace, or to spruce up a shop display… The possibilities really are only limited to your imagination.

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