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5 Ways to Use Artificial Grass in London

 Artificial grass can be used in a plethora of ways for a multitude of purposes - with the illusion of grass seen as desirable to both domestic and commercial clients - whether it’s landscaping the back garden, or creating a display for your fruit & veg stand. Here at Ideal Grass, we’ve been providing artificial grass to London for years, so we’re here to inspire you with our top 5 ways to use the ‘turf’ in London.

Garden Landscaping

Given that many homes in London have small gardens, or no space for gardens at all - instead having a balcony - getting green-fingered can prove a tad tricky. Laying real turf on a balcony can just result in a lot of mess and muddy feet, making the implementation of artificial grass a great alternative.

Even if you’ve got a decently-sized back yard, the lack of maintenance stresses that come with artificial grass make it more convenient for busy Londoners. Mowing and maintaining a normal lawn can take up valuable time, whereas an artificial lawn in London simply requires a quick rinse down with a hose once a week.

Art Installations

If you want to make an impact with your art installation in London - whether it’s environmentally-focused or otherwise - the purchase of artificial grass can really set it aside from the crowd. Our cuts of artificial turf can be cut in bespoke designs for your purpose, it’s simply a matter of contacting Ideal Grass with your ideas.

Office Revamps

Given that your employees will spend around 37.5 hours a week in your premises, it’s important to create an environment that is both comfortable and inspiring. Creating an engaging workspace will boost staff morale, making them look forward to work instead of dreading it! Have a look on Pinterest for some ideas of workspace décor with artificial grass in London.

Indoor Garden Corner

If you work in a school, or own a children’s indoor play area in London, you might find it beneficial to add in an indoor garden space if the play area is in a zone with very little outdoor space, or near a main road. With the incorporation of some strips of artificial grass and some houseplants, you can bring the joys of the outdoors inside - without muddy hands and feet as a result!

Restaurant or Café Feature Wall

It’s fashionable at the moment to minimal décor with lots of plants and greenery, making a feature wall made out of artificial turf a great idea - and talking point for your customers. With the Instagram age, appearances are more important than ever, and it’s vital to have a USP with your café or restaurant.

Contact us today here at Ideal Grass to hear more ideas on how we can help you utilise artificial grass in London. With accurate quotes and answers to all your questions, you’re only a phone call away from getting started with your ideal artificial grass project.